Our company is a company specializing in the registration and application of international APIs, pharmaceutical excipients and finished preparations in China, the general agent of Chinese market, marketing and promotion of investment. At the same time, we also carry out the sales business of pharmaceutical intermediates, reference preparations and impurity reference products. The company is committed to supporting high-quality, reasonably priced and guaranteed products for Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises, helping customers improve their product quality and market competitiveness, achieving long-term cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results, and contributing to improving the overall level of Chinese pharmaceutical industry.

     The company is also committed to diversified business development, with the help of rich overseas resources and contacts, to introduce foreign advanced mature technology for domestic production enterprises and drug research and development companies, jointly carry out drug research and development, commissioned processing and production, and establish Sino-foreign joint ventures. At the same time, it also provides professional consulting and intermediary services for domestic enterprises to go international, product overseasregistration, international GMP certification, and looking for overseas market partners.

 Our business is focus on :

1) To select high-quality APIs urgently needed in China from abroad, register in China, and carry out marketing and sales.

2) Help domestic pharmaceutical companies and commercial companies to find and agent pharmaceutical products with quality and cost advantages to the Chinese market from abroad

3) In view of the more severe EHS challenges and pressures faced by the domestic pharmaceutical and chemical industry, we provide many domestic APIs pharmaceutical factories with key pharmaceutical and chemical intermediates from abroad.

4) Provide one-stop service for domestic drug research and development institutions, supply high-quality and cheap APIs reference standards. impurity reference standards, reference preparation, laboratory consumables and instruments.

5) Help domestic customers to pass international GMP certification or international registration of products.

6) Carry out production technology transfer of APIs, pharmaceutical intermediates and preparations.

7) Promote business cooperation between domestic customers and foreign customers, such as CMO or cooperative development or joint venture.


Our Strength

1. Our management team has more than 30 years of rich working experience in China's pharmaceutical industry, and has working experience in many multinational companies.

2. Familiar with international and domestic regulations / business operation mode.

3. Be highly sensitive to the rapid changes of pharmaceutical and big health industries and relevant international and domestic policies and regulations.

4. Established a good business cooperation relationship with many famous international pharmaceutical companies and drug R & D companies.

5. Successfully developed a variety of innovative business development and cooperation models suitable for the Chinese market.



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